Delivery Guidelines

Delivery Guidelines


  1. About these Guidelines: purpose; scope; and application
  2. How to deliver your products to Jumia
  3. Return to seller or forfeiture of inventory
  4. The consequences of violation of these Guidelines
  5. Further information

1. About the Delivery Guidelines

1.1. Purpose

The purpose of these Guidelines is to provide information to Jumia's sellers on delivery to Jumia of products sold to buyers on the Jumia marketplace.

1.2. Scope

These Guidelines cover:

  • how to deliver products to Jumia for drop shipping i.e. seller's fulfilment of orders for onward delivery to buyers by Jumia;
  • when Jumia may return products to the seller; and
  • when the seller's products may be forfeited.


1.3. Application

These Guidelines apply to delivery of products to Jumia for drop shipping only.
Where the seller has subscribed to Jumia Express, the Jumia Express Guidelines shall apply.

2. How to deliver your products to Jumia

The process for drop shipping to Jumia is set out below.

Confirming orders

Once the order is confirmed:
  • it will appear in Seller Center as a pending order; and
  • the seller shall prepare the product for shipping and mark the order as "ready to ship" within period specified on Seller Centre.


Fulfilling orders

After marking the order as "ready to ship" the seller shall:

  • print the buyer payment receipt and put it inside the package; and
  • download the shipping label from Seller Centre and attach to the outside of the package. Only Jumia shipping labels may be used, and the label must not be covered or obscured. Incorrect labelling will result in delay or cancellation.


Hand over to Jumia


  • The seller may either drop off their products at the designated location or, if they have opted for pickup as a value-added service, Jumia shall arrange collection from seller's location.
  • The seller will receive a handover receipt for products collected by Jumia, which will be the proof of handover. Upon delivery/collection, Jumia shall inspect products and packaging as may be required by Jumia's quality control process.
  • Jumia reserves the right to reject products (refuse receipt) if: it deems them to be non-compliant in respect of quantity, quality, specifications or packaging; or products are counterfeit (in which case the seller will be managed in accordance with the Jumia's Anti-Counterfeit Policy). Such non-compliance may result in a penalty for the seller in accordance with the terms of the Seller Penalty Policy.


Distribution and delivery of products to buyers


  • Jumia takes responsibility for delivery of orders to buyers and shall return all failed deliveries to the seller within the agreed period.
  • Jumia's "Vendor Promise", available on the website, provides that, after handover to Jumia, the seller shall receive either: payment for the item if it is delivered to the buyer or lost by Jumia; the item back within a specified number of days if Jumia fails to deliver or if the item is returned by the buyer.


3. Return to seller or forfeiture of inventory

3.1. Return to seller

Jumia may return items to the seller at any time and for any reason, including:

  • damage, defect or expiry i.e. products not in sellable condition;
  • failed delivery to buyer; or
  • buyer returns.

Delivery to seller location may be available as a value-added service; please check with your Seller Support Center.

Jumia shall notify sellers of items available for collection by sending an email to their primary email address as recorded in Seller Centre. Such email shall list the items for collection and state the location and duration for which they will be available for collection.

Returned items shall remain available for collection at the drop off point for 7 days. Collection shall be by an authorised individual with a password as per the picker process.

Once the collection window has lapsed, the items shall be moved from the drop off point to Jumia's central hub for collection within the further window of time set out in section 3.3 below and Jumia shall, in its discretion, either:

  • cease to accept new deliveries from the seller; and/or
  • charge the seller in respect of costs of storage of the items.
(Note that in Tunisia and South Africa collection locations and windows vary from standard process as per table at section 3.3 below.)


3.2. Return of damaged items

The seller shall have the opportunity to inspect all returned items at the point of collection, in the presence of Jumia personnel. In the event of any damage to the items, the seller may submit a claim to Jumia.

In order to submit a claim in respect of alleged damage to items, the seller shall be required to:

  • photograph items at the point of collection;
  • collect such items; and
  • submit a claim via seller Centre within 48 hours of collection.

Failure to collect the items or otherwise strictly adhere to the claims process set out above shall render the claim invalid.

Jumia's compensation to the seller in respect of damaged items shall be determined, in Jumia's discretion, by the level of damage (e.g. damage to packaging only will result in partial refund only) and shall be no more than the cost price of the items.

3.3. Forfeiture of inventory

Forfeiture of inventory refers to transfer of title in respect of the products from the seller to Jumia or to a third party nominated by Jumia e.g. a charity, at no cost, free and clear of any liens, claims, security interests or other encumbrances. Specific items shall be forfeited in the event that the seller requests forfeiture, or will take place automatically in the following circumstances:

  • the seller fails to collect items from the notified location within the pre-determined forfeiture window;
  • the item creates a safety, health or liability risk; or
  • the seller has engaged in fraudulent or illegal activity.

Jumia may dispose of forfeited items in any manner that it determines appropriate e.g. by sale, donation, recycling or destruction. The forfeiture windows for each market are listed in the table below. They are inclusive of the 7 day period during which the items are available for collection at the original drop off point.

Country Number of days at drop off hub Number of days at central hub Total timeline forfeiture
Egypt 7 23 30
Nigeria 7 14 21
Kenya 7 23 30
Morocco 7 23 30
Ivory Coast 7 14 21
Ghana 7 14 21
Uganda 7 14 21
Tunisia 7 14 21
Senegal 7 14 21
South Africa 7 23 30
Algeria 7 23 30
Any proceeds of forfeiture shall be deemed to cover Jumia's costs.

4. The consequences of violation of these Guidelines

Failure to comply with these Guidelines may result in Jumia taking one or more of the following actions:

  • refusing receipt of the products;
  • returning the products to the seller; and/or
  • applying a financial penalty as provided for by the Seller Penalty Policy.

5. Further information

If you are a seller and you have any questions about this Policy, please contact our Seller Support Team. 1 August 2021